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Lettuce Farm

PR Prosperity Project

This project is supported with funds from the USDA-NRCS Office of Partnerships and Public Engagement (OPPE), through which assistance is provided to socially disadvantaged farmers in legal matters of ownership regarding inheritances, which prevent them from registering their farms in FSA and requesting programs, services, and incentives available in USDA agencies.


In addition, the program has three teaching modules on matters of natural resource conservation, agribusiness, and legal issues that affect agriculture.  Our program covers both rural and urban farmers.


In the first year of this project, the communities of Ponce and Mayagüez will be impacted.  In the second year, two towns near Ponce and two towns near Mayagüez will be impacted, and in the third year, two additional towns in the Ponce area and two additional towns in the Mayagüez area.

Legal Issues in farming

Our legal staff is helping farmers with one-on-one inheritance title issues resolution and it is offering legal workshops aimed at helping the farmer know the basic legal aspects of  running their agricultural business. 

Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurial Strategy

This part of the program is set to empower participants with the knowledge to improve financial literacy, agribusiness understanding, and increase entrepreneurial potential. 

Natural Resource Conservation

The conservation specialists are focused on providing farmers with a comprehensive training integrating the basic knowledge of natural resources and working towards the achievement of the Technical Service Provider (TSP) certification granted by USDA’s NRCS. 


Meet The Team


José  Sánchez

 Project Co-Manager

Carol .jpeg

Carol Mendoza

Legal Content Expert

Image from iOS.jpg

Heriberto Martínez

Conservation Content Expert


Jonathan Irizarry

Conservation and Ag Entrepreneurship Specialist 

Michael Vélez Santos.jpeg

Michael Vélez 

LPC Specialist (Legal Content)

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