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Supporting Hispanic Producers towards a Sustainable Future and Expansion into New Markets

The HCSCI initiative acknowledges the multiple challenges faced by farmers and producers globally, especially the disproportionate impact of climate change on low-income, small farmers. It emphasizes the need to support local agriculture, particularly in regions like Puerto Rico and Florida, which are vulnerable to extreme weather events and other climate-related risks.

Key Objetives

Enhance Farmer Capacity

HCSCI will develop the capacity of Hispanic pasture and forage farmers in Puerto Rico and Florida to diversify and increase production while implementing climate-smart methods and quantifying environmental outcomes. We will provide workshops and one-on-one farm visits to provide producers with data and information to meet intended outcomes. 

Knowledge Empowerment

HCSCI will foster Hispanic producers' climate-smart knowledge, practices, and quantification analysis, enabling them to gain self-sufficiency, enhance land and production value, and expand networks within culturally relevant contexts.

On-farm Soil Testing

A key component of this project is sophisticated soil testing with the purpose of measuring benefits related to the implemented climate-smart practices on the part of producers. This data will help to generate an understanding of what long term impact these practices have for producers and the environment.

Market Expansion

With the implementation of climate-smart practices, as well as the understanding as to what impact those practices have on our climate, including potential carbon sequestration, HCSCI will support producers in accessing new markets for the benefit of their agribusiness. 

How to Participate

The HCSCI program will operate over a three-year period, with specific milestones, assessments, training sessions, and incentive disbursements structured throughout the project's duration.

Attend Climate-Smart Events

Learn about the program and its benefits.

Schedule Farm Readiness Assessment

Assess your farm's potential for climate-smart practices.

Receive Financial Incentives 

Based on farm size and participation in the program.

Implement Climate-Smart Practices

Expand Your Market Opportunities

Participate in the curriculum and on-farm data collection.

Certify your climate-smart commodities and boost your revenue streams.

What to expect

Conduct a farm assessment with an outreach specialist

Participating is easy. Reach out to one of our outreach specialists and we will conduct an in-person assessment to see if you qualify for this program. Our outreach specialists will provide you with materials and information that will help you get started. They will also support you along the way, ensuring you have everything you need to be successful. Our specialists will also calculate how much you will receive in a periodic incentive provided to all participants.

Implement Climate-Smart practices and get continued support from our team

Outreach specialist will continue to talk with you, ensuring you have continued support and technical assistance. They will also coordinate periodic soil testing to measure the ultimate environmental impact on the implementation of these practices. As participants continue to meet program deliverables, they will receive their periodic incentive. 

Participate in one of our numerous meetings or workshops

Throughout your time participating, we will provide educational spaces where agronomists and other specialist share beneficial learnings that will directly benefit your agribusiness. These are spaces for networking and learning about practices that will set you on the course for new and emerging markets, providing you with rich information that you can take back to your farm.  

Receive an incentive for participation and our team will work with participants to identify new markets

In the short term, producers benefit through a financial incentive that will be provided for implementing climate-smart practices. The benefits are as follows:

Under 250 Acres - $2,000 per year

Over 250 Acres - $3,000 per year

Over 500 Acres - $5,000 per year  

In the long-term, participants will benefit from the identified markets that they can access as a result of implementation of these new practices. For instance, carbon markets could be available to producers, among numerous others that benefit participants' agribusiness. 

Interested in benefiting from this program, reach out today!


The HCSCI program will employ a culturally sensitive and proactive approach to address the unique challenges faced by Hispanic producers. 


Cultural Relevance

Tailoring outreach, education, and incentives to align with the cultural contexts and challenges faced by Hispanic farmers.


Bilingual Climate-Smart Outreach Specialists

Assigning dedicated specialists to provide personalized support and facilitate engagement with farmers, ensuring language and cultural barriers are overcome.


Collaboration and Networking

Establishing collaborations with Hispanic professionals and organizations to foster a strong network for knowledge exchange and support.


Financial Assistance

Providing financial incentives to farmers based on their engagement in the program, encouraging ongoing participation and the implementation of climate-smart practices.


Data Collection and Assessment

Conducting comprehensive assessments of participating farms to evaluate current practices, potential improvements, and environmental impact, utilizing tools such as COMET-Farm for quantification analysis.


Education and Training

Developing a bilingual climate-smart curriculum and delivering training sessions, both in-person and virtually, using various platforms, social media, and newsletters.


Certification and Market Expansion

Designing a certification process for climate-smart commodities produced by Hispanic farmers to expand their market opportunities and revenue streams.


We will continue to update this section with helpful and important resources for producers.

Silvopasture Systems

One of the numerous approaches we will be promoting with the purpose of  implementing climate-smart practices include silvopasture systems. Learn more about this and other practices by reaching out and registering for our course.  

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Meet the Team


José Sánchez

Executive Director


Javier Medina

Outreach Specialist Puerto Rico

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Paul Pendergast

Outreach Specialist Florida


Mariemines Ortiz 

Outreach Specialist 

Puerto Rico

 We join over 100 of Climate-Smart Projects across the US and its Territories

Green Fields

Together, let's build a climate-smart future!


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Ponce, PR 00732



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