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About Us

Victus Puerto Rico is a not for profit entity dedicated to enhancing local farmers’ ability to become successful entrepreneurs, champions in agricultural conservation and providing island residents with legal and professional education in order to gain reliable access to the tools needed to create a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. Supporting Puerto Rico’s underserved farmers is a timely and much-needed effort for jumpstarting many fragile local economies and revitalizing municipalities across the island.

Our Mission

Victus Puerto Rico aims to stimulate the integral growth of small farmers in Puerto Rico by training them with all the necessary and relevant legal and professional information so that they can develop a successful agricultural business.


Our mission is to assist Puerto Rican farmers with training and necessary tools so that they can develop their agricultural business in an effective and self-sustaining manner, so that they contribute to the food security of Puerto Rico.


Board of Directors


José  Sánchez


Carol .jpeg

Carol Mendoza

Vice-President of Operations and Secretary 

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Heriberto Martínez

Vice-President of Operations and Secretary 


Emaly Quintana

Vice-President of Community Relations Management

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Luis Hernández


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